Swell came up last night, 3ft in the corner


Some neat little waves on offer this morning up here at the Goldie. Exposed beaches like D’Bah had the odd 3 footer…but wow…thick crowds just like Bondi, just not so many L-Platers. Looks like everyone is limbering up for World tour stop No.1 – the Quiky Pro. Swell comes up today in QLD, and tomorrow should be decent…pray the winds don’t get all funky.

Back in Bondi it looks like 4 foot and on’snore. My spies say there is very little wave quality…and you are better off spending your time doing something more productive. Looks onshore for the next few days…protected southerly corners the go. Still raining?

RedBull Helisurf

I am a big fan of helicopters. Ever since my first shoot in one I’ve been hooked. The nuts at Redbull have come up with the hot idea of giving you all a dream ride in a heli – called HELISURF. What is it? Red Bull Heli Surf is a paddle race from the beach to a buoy through the surf out to sea. The first person to reach the buoy is winched into a helicopter and whisked away for their prize. Someone say prize? Well you’ll be flown away to a mystery beach where the surf is pumpin’ on that day. Sounds too good to be true? Register here and be at Cronulla on 27th Feb 10am or Curl Curl 27th Feb 9am or Newcastle 27th Feb 8am. Do it.

So much more wall on these waves here.

South swell sets rolling into D'Bah

Hacking the shorey

A wall in the middle

5 thoughts on “HELIsurf

  1. Does anyone else have an issue with this redbull thing? I think it’s silly and Aquabumps has fallen for a cheap and tacky way of advertising what is a pretty unhealthy product.
    Go fly your choppers over Kabul Red Bull, or better still, get stuffed.

  2. Hey Anthony, thanks for taking the time to write in.

    I don’t think Redbull is a tacky brand…hell, I’ve been known to have a Redbull from time to time with some Voddie (and they are MASSIVE supporters of surfing – e.g. Mick Fannin). But I think the Helisurf idea is great. So if I said to you, let’s jump in a chopper now, and fly you up the coast to a break with 3-4 foot with no one out, no wind…you’d say that is a silly idea? Maybe, but that sounds like a perfect day to me. Maybe you can clarify a little more…

    Also, yep, Aquabumps is mine, and not redbulls…yep…why would you think it’s red bulls?

    Cheers, uge

  3. pretty sure i dont have an issue with this red bull thing haha

    had the best weekend of my life and probably too many red bull voddies…mate drinking coke is probably just as bad as red bull and thats why they say max of 2 cans a day….you dont have to drink it if you dont want to…and yer im pretty sure if they wanted to pick you up in kabul you would definately want a lift out of there..

    someone told me that there was a photo on your site of the cronulla heli surf so i checked it out and its pretty sick…did you take that from the other chopper that was around the area?

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