1 man pulls in as another slays


The waves are so much better up here. It’s no wonder it’s a world champion breeding grounds.

Finally the swell kicked up and most places had waves. Burleigh had some great 3 footers, barrels, speedy sections….super long rides…if there wasn’t 50 pros warming up for the 4 star WQS Breaka Pro I’d be out there for sure (oh, and I have to catch a flight)!

Gotta go.
Hope you’re getting waves back in Bondi.

PS – watch the Burleigh Breaka Pro live. (it’s on right now)

Where to surf? with the pack or out the back

A serious of floaters is necessary to navigate the fast sections

Great barrel section in the middle

Weaving in between the hi risers

2 thoughts on “Burleigh

  1. How’s Kirra looking these days? I haven’t seen it since it was ruined a few years ago. I’ve read a few things lately but haven’t heard from anybody who has been there in person.

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