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Back in the ‘hood

So we’re back in Bondi and the waves are far from impressive. Onshore 3 foot mush. Not a bad sunrise to make up for it…

Hard to concentrate on work knowing that the waves up at Gold Coast are pumpin’, yep, just as I left the land of the high rise. Can’t get it on all the time.

Here are the facts of today. High tide, 12:13pm, low tide 6:12am, water temp 23 degrees, max 25 on the land, SE onshore winds 15 knots easing, and the preferable NE winds will prevail later tonight…hopefully cleaning up the surf for you tomorrow. Should be 3-4 foot tomorrow with NW winds – good combo.

The Aquabumps gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm. You’ll find us at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach, just up from the waxing joint and near the Vodafone shop…all your needs taken care of in one stretch.

Adios, ugios

Icebergs training session

Lumpy, bumpy, onshore 2-3 foot


Done for the day

6 thoughts on “Back in the ‘hood

  1. Seems like a lot of the daily updates are becoming a whinge about Bondi’s poor surf conditions! Do you have a Pommie sub working on your text? Keep up the swimmercam!

  2. Yeah – his name is Freddy…

    Um, we’ve had pretty bad waves for months now.
    A flash of good swell then zip…

    It’s cool, just gotta drive more. have good day, uge

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