Perfect start to the day


I prefer good waves mid week than on the weekend. The fruits of working across the road from Bondi and surfing when you’re all at work. Well, you all know Saturday was pumping (everywhere) and Sunday had decent waves at North East exposed beaches, well today is dropped right back and Bondi was a semi-surfable waist high – boo. Maroubra would have had a chest high set, but nothing special. Fortunately there is a swell hitting mid week, and from the south which favours Bondi. It will be flanked with onshore winds, but I think it will be ok.

HOT day. 34 big ones. A swim/mal-surf is essential for your well being.

Also, I stuck a picture of myself in today’s report, so you all know what I look like. Check out my new shooters jacket – cool eh?

Join our facebook fan page. Just ‘cause.

Later, ::uge

PS – happy birthday mum.

Picture of me, hard at work, in my new shooter's jacket - cool eh?

Highly reccomended

Ricky Scott, now a longboarder - forever

Tory's new board.

7 thoughts on “Mondayitis

  1. That’s not you!! I saw this guy on Saturday and admired his truly exceptional jacket. Every pocket was jammed with things.

  2. so….. if that was you…. then you should be at the tennis or an F1 race or photographing rare birds!

  3. Hi Eugene
    Re: the redbull thing.
    Firstly an apology. I thought you pulled my original comment about red bull, which you obviously didn’t so I retract my second comment.
    However, I guess my point is, what does red bull landing a chopper on a metro beach do for surfing? Not much, what does red bull landing a chopper over a metro beach do for red bull? Heaps.
    Really, wouldn’t red bull have been better off using its money to clean a beach? Help the needy, or save the fricken whales?
    Or maybe I have just entered the age bracket that longs for the good old days when surfing was a secret society practised by a strange breed of person, much like the characters that pop up on your glorious website every day.

  4. Hey Uge….

    You got me. When I first saw this stylish jacket I wasn’t quite sure what to think. In hindsight, I think I put it to the back of my mind and tried not to dwell on it. Something along the lines of …….photographic obsession has resulted in a rare lapse of clothing judgement (shooters jacket?????). Now it is all clear and I am surprised at how relieved I am.

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