Straight outa some retro surf movie - morning light


Hope you got up early this morning…as of 8:40am a violet south change hit with a BANG.

What this means is:

  • The change brings cooler temperatures for Sydney after a sweltering hot night – did anyone sleep last night?
  • The early 1-1.5 footers of the early have been butchered into 30cm wind chop
  • All this wind will generate a new south swell that follows tomorrow afternoon (it’s going to blow 30 knots!)
  • Clouds have now smothered Sydney
  • My lunchtime surf/dip has been canned

Gallery Sales/Production Assistant required

The Aquabumps empire is searching for a FULL TIME Gallery Sales/Production assistant. Before you all write in thinking you’re applying for a job which involves lying on the beach, travelling to the Maldives, surfing Mentawais on the weekend – IT’S NOT – that job has already gone. I repeat this is not a photography/travel job. We’re looking for a bright spark who wants a future in running/managing our flagship gallery in Bondi. Enough ramble, read this spiel, if you think you tick the boxes then send your resumes into

Later honks :: uge

PS – Ok, Ok, I’ll ‘fess up, that wasn’t me in this shot from yesterday. Nice jacket though. These days the beach is full of lens men running around getting their morning angles.

Wave of the day - lip sparks

Fame chasers - Siobhan Way + Sammie + Mischa Way

Cranking. Lars Goldstein.

"Lone Puff Cloud" awesome beach day

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