Mac'n'wheels throwing around a bit of colour


Swell has come up alright, but the onshore winds are still blowing. What a difference 24 hours makes…yesterday you’d struggle to surf a wave above your knee caps, and today you’ll score a chunky 4 footer out at South Bondi. The quality isn’t there though – lumpy, bumpy and sectiony…nonetheless – there are waves and seeing it’s not a sunny beach day you’ll find plenty without the crowds.

3 bunks short

A mate of mine booked a charter on Tengirri to Mentawais and has 3 spare spots. He’s a top bloke from the states….so if you want to surf the wave mecca April 24th to May 6 just email John John. He’ll hook you up.

Noosa Festival of Surfing

The Noosa Festival of Surfing is on again this year and it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Dates: 14-21 March 2010 @ Noosa. 600 competitors and thousands of spectators make the pilgrimage up to points for the largest surf in oz. Legends walking around everywhere…had a beer with Terry Fitz last time I was up there. For more information, log onto

Fingers of God

U.F.O ?

Righthander in the corner

Sam Mac, what else do you do on closeouts?

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  1. I don’t want to talk about Bondi.
    Opening these pictures every day is like seeing an ex you’re still in love with.

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