Sol, flyboy - picking up some tricks from Standlick


I had high hopes for this morning after surfing big Bondi last night. It actually was quite solid on dark, and not 100% closeouts if you can believe it.

The swell has dropped back a gear within the 3-5 foot range, but the nemesis east wind was in early, ruffling any decent bumps out there. Needless to say it was quite junkie, funkie and fattie (6am was a high tide of 1.7m – that sure porked it up).

I am sure if you had a decent look around you’d find something fun to slide on. Swell is hanging around for a couple of days, and the winds are going north tomorrow – now that is good news peeps.


This Saturday Redbull are running their Helisurf event at Curl Curl (9am) then Cronulla (10am). What’s it all about? Well basically you have to register here, then paddle like buggery to a buoy out to sea. First one to touch the buoy (paddling a max 6’6 and without physical contact with the other punters) gets winched up into the bird and taken to a mystery surf beach with a Red Bull athlete. Sounds like a perfect day? Do it, I will be in another chopper shooting your perfect mornin’. MORE INFO

:::uge (ps, we’re looking for a Aquabumps gallery assistant – full timer click here)

The Swiss those pillar balconies

Tonny Bonney, a happy chappy with his new 'Tavish

Grindin' rights in the corner

once that easterly backs off, this should be better

5 thoughts on “Beasterly

  1. Still think it’s a stupid idea . It kinda smacks of the way ciggy brands used to flog their products. And btw, does Fanning actually drink Red Bull? And if so why? Wouldn’t black coffee be better for him? It seems to work for old Lairdy Laird Hamilton.

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