Kid Caleb, backside genius


I like these types of mornings. Thick grey overcast skies threaten rain and strong winds. A new south swell, still junkie from recent agitation, breaking around 3 foot. Almost NO-ONE around getting in your way and the onshore seems to put a little lip in the normally fat, flat lumps found at Bondi.

Only a hand full of very keen regulars out there this morning…Kid Caleb was out there – absolutely slaying (he’s the kid doing backside aerials on every wave). Please someone sponsor that guy. In my mind, he’s one of the best surfers in the area. You’ll find him working down at the Bottl’o on Campbell Parade near the primary school.

The surf improves tomorrow night. Later:: uge

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Caleb, raking the leaves off the bottom

Full moon

The groms (messed up the settings, but like it)

Sailing to the islands...

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