Perth Standlick is back in town


Still junkie out there this morning…but the swell is leaping up by the hour. At sunrise it was only 2 foot…and looking quite dire. When I last checked around 9am, sets were hitting the 3- 4 foot mark as the swell period rockets from 8 secs to 14 seconds. Oh, and another good thing is the winds are swinging from this SE onshore slop maker to cleaner NE offshores (at south facing beaches). Good combo. Decent swell until Friday lunchtime.

Snapper Rocks Quiky Pro is on today. Round 3, Heat 5 Bobby Martinez versus Andy Irons as I write this – very distracting indeed. Very. Watch Dane Reynolds Rnd2 heat here. WOW. Not much work going down today. Tossing up whether to head up there.

Have a good day, uge

Early morning Training

The flamboyant Justin Barnwell deciding where to go

Joe Dirt, paddling out at the right time

Joe dirt inspecting the shorey

6 thoughts on “Junkies

  1. You wrote : “Tossing up whether to head up there.”

    Go! Crowd shots, heli shots, nervous smiles on pre-heat contenders, shoot from behind the rock at that wedging square take off – We need ya up there Uge! Don’t let us down.

    1. Yeah, have a fair bit of work on…and the waves don’t look big….if it was a big swell I would drop everything. still thinking about it.

  2. Uge, love the second shot.. I think sunrises with hints of purple hues in them are rippers.
    whats is that in the top right corner and down the right side?
    looks cool!
    cheers el

  3. i want to get a decent waterproof camera, i love your photos so i was wondering if you could suggest some? thanks

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