Sam Mac, having a Stab


Nice little clean bump out there this morning with very few people around in the darkness (the sun didn’t pop out until 7:20am). Water is ridiculously warm, the sun is out, the wind is gentle – sounds good huh.
Most waves struggled above the 2 foot mark…odd bigger 3 foot set. Shame the banks haven’t come to the party and anything decent was closing out. Just a nice morning to be out there floating around. Thursday is the pick of the days this week.

The Happening

The Happening’ is a celebration of surf culture and community. It reaches beyond the waves into the realm of music, art and film. After an overwhelming response to the 2008 event, The Happening finally returns to Australia this Friday night, 6:30pm at the Bondi Pavilion. The event will bring together in one space: Brushfire Records musicians Matt Costa, Zee Avi, Neil Halstead and Will Conner; film-makers George Greenough, Chris and Emmett Malloy – previews of 180° South and The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights – plus the exhibited works of contemporary artists from The Surf Gallery, California and local artists (and Aquabumps!). Come see. Purchase your tix here


I went to a Tama SLSC fundraiser once and Roy (as in Roy and HG) got up and spoke about Aquabumps, and how he got wind of a good shoe sale from reading this little daily blurb. Well Roy, Springcourt have now got a online store. Get a pair before they sell out – I wear ‘em every day. New website

Ta, ::uge
PS – thanks for all your comments about our 11th year.




The Icebergs Right

6 thoughts on “Bump

  1. Crazy light on the sunrise (16582), was it just a perfect time+alignment to have this rays? Do you use filters? Thanks for the daily delight

    1. Hey Louis, was shot with a cool lens. Canon EOS L series 15mm. Rad lens, but can’t get any filters for it…not even a polarizer. So, nope…no filters. Was glorious morning though. ::uge

  2. I agree. Great photography all round I just discovered Aquabumps through iPhone as an App and LOVE it eventhough I’m in Melbourne. Makes me feel like moving to bondi and fuels my eagerness to learn surfing even more so. Good job Uge!

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