Caleb Reid orbiting a close out section


Strange old day out there. To start with I thought the waves were going to be orn, like it was last night. Nope. Dropped back and messed up. Bondi was predominantly closing out 2-3 foot…nothing special.
A ground swell from the south will build during the day as the SE winds come up. Tomorrow looks good in theory with a north wind + south swell combo – but I am sceptical that any sand formations will hold quality.

Local surfer/shaper and good bloke Andrew Harris (AH) is having a big factory surfboard sale on Saturday 27th March (10am to 4pm). Up to 30% off new and used boards. Bargain! Punch 27/15 Meadow Way, Banksmeadow into the GPS and pick up a new stick for winter.

This place is mental! Adios, ::Ugios

close out peaks

Cloudy skies..

Rail rotation

Caleb, made from 100% rubber

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