Pre-sunrise glow over a dirty pool


A little spike in swell is puttin’ on some 3 footers down at Bondi. Unfortunately the SE wind is still on it creating a bit of bump and wobble. I thought it was going to be much bigger and better than it really is. Boo.

Winds will go north later, so that will clean it up. Nice day outside, max 26 degrees. Water is still warm and a few cloudy patches but predominantly sunny day. This swell will slowly decline into the day…it’s from the dead south (180 degrees for the wave techies)…so only extreme south facing beaches will show most of this size even though there is a healthy wave period of 14 seconds.

Go here for a very good (local) ’cause. Trust me.

Have a good day, uge

Krack's Tim Okkerse rippin'


Middle bomb set

Glenn Orgias, shark attack victim back out there and stylin'

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