Nice morning

To Do…

To do list 23-03/2010:

a) Grab a wide board and go surfing on those fattie two footers. Nice right hander in the middle of Bondi but plenty of human flotsam and jetsam out there. Wow – wear a helmet and live longer.
b) 6:30pm tonight, go to “The Happening” where surf music + art + film melt together into a fun night. Tix still available at the door (Bondi Pavilion door that is). More
c) Pick up a 6’6” pin tail and some new undies for Hawaii next week. 1st day I get there it’s going to be big…
d) Go to the Aquabumps Gallery and check out some of these images printed large. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach telephone 02 9130 7788
e) Lunchtime snooze under a tree after a swim. Yep.
f)  join the Aquabumps fanpage

Hava a good weekend kids, not much to surf this weekend in Sydney :: uge

Bonus snaps | Wheels post surf | 2 x Birds | Bec from Roxy

Neil Halstead, famous musician playing tonight at The Happening

Newquay's Neil Halstead washing off the flight scum

Golden light

Morning dip...still 24 degree water

3 thoughts on “To Do…

  1. uge you’ll need the 6’6 maybe 6’10 but differently need fresh undies because you’ll shitting yourself out 8-10 pipe with narky looking bra’s then again you could blend in just don’t speak just nod and it goes up not down bra. hahaha

  2. Morning dip is amazingggggg Uge,
    I didnt get anything this morning..
    no clouds.. no surf.

    have a good weekend bro

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