Pink stripes


Hasn’t been much to surf for a few days now. The north swell neglects most of our beaches and is better north side. We had a little semi-surfable shorey at 1 foot(ish). Sets were infrequent and a paddle was more about being in the 24 degree water than surfing anything substantial.

Decent sunrise, as fast as it was, pink stripes hovered over Ben Buckler for a few minutes before dissolving back to greys.

Forecast: Not much over 2 foot this week…good one to crank out the work. Easter, east swell north winds may be alright…

Tama to Cloey

The 2.5km ocean swim from Tamarama to Clovelly is on Easter Monday, 5th April 2010 at 11am. A unique swim along the cliffs, not one that you’ll be doing on your own – Enter Here ocean swimmers

The Aquabumps gallery will be shut over Easter Fri-Monday…we’re doing some maintenance and I will be in Hawaii. Ha!

Seeya, uge

Wave of the day...

The chase



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  1. yes I’ve tried again and it worked, apologies for that (I was ending up on the aquabumps website earlier on). Thanks

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