Kelly Slater, about to get swamped by the crowds

R i n s e

Would have to be one of the worst surf days down at Bondi this year…pretty much dead flat and damp. I am not going to show you what I shot this morning – ain’t pretty…so here is some joy from the recent Boost Mobile Surf Sho down at Bondi.

The good news it can only get better from here as the swell should come up tomorrow and remain 2-3 foot until Sunday. It does appear to have SE or E winds flanking, which is predominantly onshore…but that’s ok, as long as there are waves.

Back to work folks. Nuttin’ doing down here that’s for sure!

Sad news – The Sunset Grill at Padang Padang (Bali) burnt down a few nights ago. You can donate funds to help build this institution. I remember eating there last year…’twas good.


PS – check out the architect that designed the Aquabumps gallery. He’s good.

The promo girls

Owen Wright punting his way to the finals

Amazing what these guys can do on a 2 foot sloppy wave

Kelly Slater on his miniature board

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