Jon jon florence shacked 50 metres from his front gate


Aloha. Swell has dropped a tad here on the North Shore of Hawaii…but the trade winds are hooooowwwwling (and I’m not talking about the non-Hawaiians). Saw a guy do an air at Ehukai and thought he was going to land on the set behind. Difficult conditions…still size around. The odd double head high set. Hairy.

The shore breaks here are incredible. I’ve never seen so much water move so violently on dry sand. Yeah yeah, will get some images from the water…thought it might be a good idea to have a good look around the joint.

Happy Easter.

Just a reminder that the Aquabumps Gallery is shut all Easter for maintenance, and I’m on a deck chair in Hawaii.

Later :: uge

Shore break from hell

Big air, full rotation, special in 30 knots

Std accomodation on the rock

Starting to get a complex about my wave riding equipment

6 thoughts on “S H A K A

  1. That surf shop next to foodland (pipe side) has some good step up boards/guns. Not bad prices either especially with the dollar at the moment.

  2. “and im on a deckchair in hawaii..”
    ah yeah Uge, thanks for reminding us all.

    hahah have a good one mate!

  3. question if possible from australia if you do not mind what brand and size of the board photographed in this shot where the guy is maybe deliberation something major
    ” Banzai Pipeline 10am | Starting to get a complex about my wave riding equipment Image No. 16740 ”

  4. I’m an Aussie living in the States and have subscribed to Aquabumps for about nine years. Anyway it was great surprise to see your amazing photos today as I’m also on Oahu’s North Shore at Sunset Beach. My holiday snaps don’t quite look the same though. How awesome is Hawaii? Have fun and I’ll look out for you at Foodland or one of the Grill Shacks!

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