Early morning seagulls

C l o n e

The days all seem to be the same this week. It all starts off with early morning cloud that usually burns off by 8am. The winds are offshore NW and the water temperature remains a comfortable 22 degrees (boardies). The mercury will hit 25 on land and it’s perfect beach weather (yep). You’d be surprised how many people are actually down there during the weekdays.

The waves are in the 2 foot range, clean, glassy but straighthanders – closing out along the bay. There is more tide in today, giving hope, but it’s not enough. A nice patch of sand in the south end is all we need. Somewhere facing south, with a bank or reef would have something fun chuggin’ in. I’d say go for an drive.

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Au revoir….Eugene

Ben Lucas, wings flappin' + bedhead flaring.

Spot's Bondi Fit group going nuts.

Joanna King, cooling off

Just cruzin' on this one

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