Caleb swinging from the trees


Well, the waves have been consistently good and now we have a large inbound swell. BUT, the wind (“angin” in the local lang) is playing havoc. Storms are ripping through as intense lows grind along the west coast of Australia, smashing into the Mentawai Islands. Surf options are limited and we’re mainly hiding in coves from the gales. The good thing about up here is that it can be stormy one minute, perfectly sunny the next. The islands also provide great wind protection as they all point in different directions and long period swells wrap right the way around. Seeya, uge

strange fish

buried in a howling offshore day at Burgers

getting under a big set

impeccable water clarity

2 thoughts on “angin

  1. Uge, it’s a joy reading your emails and admiring your pics! At the moment I clearly envy you… Image 17415 is undoubtedly one of your best shots! Keep it coming. Best wishes from Singapore, Cornelius

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