Jono, back from overseas and up to his usual

S o g g y

There were good clean waves yesterday afternoon, but it’s not so great now. The rain also took the gloss off the morning.

This week only improves from here on though…a new ground swell hitting tomorrow. Best days Wednesday, Thursday – Friday morning is looking real tasty. So I’d hang out until then.

Rainy day Random Stuff:

How good does this 20 year old kid surf – Matt Meola from Maui. Rips.

If you want to see what over-the-hill business dudes can do in the Mentawais – check out their video from James Sawyer. Oh boy, they got good Maccas. Onya fellas.

Me mate Dan from Huffer sells cool getup online. I live in their jeans, they’re like trackies (stretchy).

Melbourne based artist, Rebecca Jones, launches her new exhibition today Open Water” which is a series of drawings inspired by being submerged in the ocean.

Adios, uge

Simon Bates from Fairfax

Nice little right hander rolls thru.

Even the gulls are hiding from the cold

Mr. Kowalski finding the best section out there (not fat)

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