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The Onshore Massacre

As expected it’s howling onshore this morning with a rogue southerly swell hitting.

For a brief moment there the sun actually came out before being smothered by a dark rain cloud. When is it going to stop raining? I spent 2 weeks in the rain in Mentawais and now a week of rain here – feels like I’ve been living in a shower!

The waves are 4-5 foot and it’s an onshore massacre. I’d call it unsurfable, but yep, there are still people out searching for a wave even though I didn’t see anyone catch one for the time that I was down there. Forget about it and wait until it goes offshore tomorrow.

Have a good day, uge

A brief moment of golden sunshine. Come back.

A big boat.

The onshore massacre

One thought on “The Onshore Massacre

  1. Hey Uge,

    Your photos and photography are inspiring.

    I sit at my desk every day and wait for your newletter to pop up in my in box, and then sit wondering how can i do that for a living. Photography is a passion of mine but im still trying to work out how to make a living out of it. Your lucky that you live so close to our wonderful coast line and beaches as i live in a wall to wall housing estate in sydneys west. Any tips on how to take photography from a hobby to the next level??
    Have you ever thought of running some small courses??

    I wish i could afford to bid for your Canon EOS 1ds Mkiii

    Im shooting on a 40d gripped up and a few lenses and it doing ok for the moment.

    Its photos like your that make me want to keep taking photos.



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