People have died for less. Super bad super fade.


What a magic day to not be in the office. 3-5 foot waves, clean offshores and finally some sunshine – the 3rd day without rain in a month.

Bondi had some great waves at sunrise. A left was putting on some barrells, but I reckon that would be a common story on many beaches in NSW today.

Pretty much anywhere would be decent, so best work out a way to weasel yourself away from desk shackles.

Check out the pile of sand at South Bondi from the recent storms. Huge mound. Need the rip to take it all back out to sea so the right will work again.

Enjoy ::uge

PS – don’t forget to get your fruit and veg delivered directly from the markets.

Bubba, heading out for a before work sess under crazy skies

Morning sunshine lighting up a chunky set

Jono, ready to unleash on the next section

Caleb - rear diff blow out

2 thoughts on “Gold

  1. Nice o se Sydney having a proper day of waves.
    Caleb must be thinking he is blessed!
    You too Uge…

    how rare are these waves in Sydney…

    Everywhere must be good; cant wait to see all the great pic’s in a few days…

    Enjoy while there on…

    Otherwise save your pennies for another indo excursion… hehehehe

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