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The Reef

Hiya, today we have a guest writer (someone who actually writes for a living)…a guy called Moose, who you’ll find down at the ‘Bergs every morning before sunrise punching out laps. Not sure if he’s actually writing about me (it ain’t this glossy) or his own life :

It’s easy as an Aquabumps subscriber to think Uge’s life is idyllic in every possible way. Well as a subscriber and someone who has just seen him at work for 5 days I can assure you that is absolutely not the case. While on Lizard Island Uge was faced with many highly stressful situations, like helping his model change into three different (but all skimpy) swimsuits, deciding which helicopter to take for a spin around the Reef or which deserted beach to shoot at on. It never stops…in the evening he has to decide which vintage wine to have and whether to have the flambé Moreton Bay bugs or the Wagyu. Add to that the mental stress of dealing with the guilt he must feel for being paid to do all this and I’m sure you’ll agree he is just an everyday working class man like the rest of desk jockey losers.

By the way, you can get a great deal on Lizard Island ( a free night) for being an Aquabumps subscriber. There’s a few conditions so you can call them on 1 300 233 432 or email travel@dncinc.com and quote the cryptic codeword ‘Aquabumps’ for more info.

Moose from The Bergs. (guest writer)

Mermaid Cove

Sunrise Gold

Coral gardens at blue Lagoon

3 thoughts on “The Reef

  1. the guest writer bit was oversold (and under delivered). less talk and more photos. after all, that’s the only thing we tune in for…

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