Not a Bondi parking cop in sight.

Lizard Island

Hi there. Sorry about the late Friday report and the lack of updates this week. If you’re 1 of our 11,000 Facebook crew you’d know we’re up in the warmer temperatures of Lizard Island for a few days. Lizard Island is 240 kilometres north of Cairns (Queensland) and is a national park area out near the Great Barrier Reef. We are very north (like the top NE corner) so it’s 27 degrees today with 25 degree water. Now you’re probably wondering what Aquabumps is doing here  as there are no waves due to the great BARRIER reef…well, there IS a break out here on the outer edge called Dynamites…but it’s blowing 30 knots on the exposed side and the trip out would be a rough one in 3 metre swells. Swim time.

Even with this gale blowing, one side of Lizard island is protected and calm, reminiscent of Fiji. In fact I’d even go as far as saying the live coral formations here are better than those in Fiji and Maldives – it’s so untouched. There are 24 remote beaches at your disposal, mostly only accessible by boat as there are no tracks or cars on the island. We checked out 5 beaches today and didn’t see another foot print, piece of litter or a Bondi Parking Cop…

To get here: fly to Cairns (3hrs from Sydney) then take a Cessna Caravan to Lizard island (1hr). Accommodation? There is only 1 place to stay and the rest of the island is national parks. It’s pretty jujuey. Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Charlize Theron are regular patrons. More info:

Have a great weekend, be sure to drop into the Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street and check out the latest artworks from Mentawais, Hawaii and Australia Day (Manly, Freshie, Curly). Cheers, ::Uge

Deb cooling off at Turtle bay

Remote beaches only accessible by boats

Bright light

Where is everyone?

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