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El Questro

Inland. Yep, I’m currently off the coast and shooting some red dirt. Never done it before – don’t worry, it’s only 1 report and we’ll be back to your Bondi routine on Monday.

Today’s images come from El Questro, a million acre wilderness park in the Kimberley’s of West Oz. A place where you can drive for miles on one dead straight road and not see another car. It’s also 30 degrees here, nice…so we’re thawing out from the Sydney chills.

We’re in the bird today and trying to hook a Barra. www.elquestro.com.au

Later, uge

A monster Boab, the Durack Tree

With 1 million acres to play with, theres plenty of driving around

No swimming - Saltie Crocs ahead

Where are we?

One thought on “El Questro

  1. eugene – your photography is soooo much better than mine in that area – isn’t it fantastic? are you going to cross the Pentecost River?

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