Claire Norman, middle bank

Rip paddles

It’s wasn’t bad at all this morning considering the forecast was for 1-2 foot dribblers and rain. 2 distinct peaks had 2-3 footers with the rip from hell running. Swimming with a camera wasn’t the easiest thing. Pockets of sunshine and a warm(ish) morning – nice! Offshore winds now, onshore SE later. Max 18, Min 9.

Fully stocked Surfculture in the Junga is having a winter wetsuit sale. If you haven’t got a new steamer for this winter, the technology these days is incredible and you’ll feel like you’re surfing (nude) in Hawaii, even on the coldest of days. Invigorating. Mention you’re an avid Aquabumps reader and they’ll do a deal on any board in the store at the same time… Ah, the fruits of reading this creepy corner of the internet are endless. Go to Surfculture 40 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction Telephone 9389 5477 When? Now on. |

Have a productive week, new south due Wednesday :: uge

Justin McMillan, on the chase

Hollow off a shallow bank

Wal, wings out, mid transition

Good waves on Saturday wasn't there?

6 thoughts on “Rip paddles

  1. ey Uge, i’m interested in what’s changing the landscape in Bondi from the waters perspective?
    refer: ‘Bondi 7:30am | Image No. 18873’
    Qn. what’s that huge crane building up there?

  2. That guy Wal (Ian Wallace) has terrible Surf etiquette. He should be banned from Bondi. Shout’s, drops in and argues with everyone. The man needs a caution before he gets whacked!

  3. Banned from Bondi? You must be some big player Anon. Funnily I don’t think you have the capacity for such a stupid claim. For starters you’re clearly not a born and bred surfer – otherwise you’d know Wal from growing up surfing with him. Not only has he actually got a heart of gold – he’s won more Boardriders championships than any other surfer in Bondi. You don’t even rate highly enough to leave your name on an aqaubumps forum.

    It’s worth noting Anon – There are far more crowded surf spots than Bondi, but here we have the most injuries of any beach – just check the stats with APOLA – the national lifeguard body. The reason why is it’s a free for all with kooks like you (I acutely suspect), who don’t know what they’re doing, and too few locals regulating their reckless behaviour as at other beaches. The shit people get away with at Bondi doesn’t wash elsewhere, so you are lucky there are only maybe a dozen regular surfers still left like Wal. The rest of are unlucky there aren’t more guys like him still around – there’d be a lot less injuries and less waves blown by kooks. That’s just the simple facts of an over exploited and under regulated resource. We can all wax lyrical over the Jack Johnson-esq ideal, but it’s not quite that simple son.

    Secondly making threats, and leaving Anonymous afterward, shows how misguided and boring you are. Drop off.

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