Bondi Rapids

I am not sure if I’m reading the right swell charts but they’re claiming a spike in swell period from 8 to 20 seconds during today. Don’t see that every day. 20 seconds is what you normally find in Indonesia with well-groomed ground swells, not here in Sydney. The wave heights are lacking size which translates to infrequent sets (2-3 ft) with long waits.

Determined not to be beaten by the current twin rip system at Bondi I swam out again with a longer lens…spent most of the time kicking (good to lose some winter excess baggage in the process). Really hard to stay in one spot out there today…amazing how much pull there is on such a small day.

Go surf, offshore now, onshore later today.


Yesterday a 60 foot catamaran arrived into Darling harbour from San Francisco after 130 days at sea. Not just any cat, it’s made from 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles. The Plastiki crew have been on this mission to beat waste. Pledge your support here. The recycled vessel will be docked at the Australian National Maritime Museum for 1 month. www.theplastiki.com

Reminder : get a few mate’s together and book your Mentawai 2011 tour on charter boat Tengrirri…it’s half full already so you’ll need to get onto it.

Adios, : :  u g e (pronounced yooj)

Golden light, middle set

Jono, making good use of a closeout

Julia heading out in the sunshine

I'm still finding some good waves from last Sat...wow.

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