Nitro (Beau Walker) tearing the top of this one

dark o

Quite a tricky morning to capture a decent image down at Bondi. The rain was coming and going, it was also so dark that you could barely get a decent shutter speed and most people were glued to bed. We’ve still got a dead south swell and north wind (which Bondi loves) but that’s about to change around lunchtime as it switches to North wind swell. The rip in the middle is on heat – try paddling through it and you’ll be flung out to sea…but get the right wave and that same rip will put a bowl in your set.

Our noticeboard is a hive of activity and constantly updated. I always hear stories of successful house hunters…it’s free! Check it out.

Adios, uge

Phil Guers behind the curtain.

A frothy, warpy set pounds the south corner

Manly boy Mark Eymes lost in Bondi

Beau Walker (aka Nitro), Ripping out there today

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