Bet you didn't think it was this good this morning

i B U M P S

Little bump in the bay this morning. Nothing special. Thick overcast early which has now burnt off. Every 15 minutes there was a (freaky) head high set rolling into the rip bowl in the middle, but I could have been lucky with my timing. Mostly waves 1-2 foot dribblers. ENE swell, NW winds and it’s dropping off fast. You won’t be surfing this weekend, perhaps drop by the gallery for some aquatic treats to keep you going in between sets. Zee Aquabumps Gallery, 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach T : 9130 7788 Here’s a little collection images that I think print hot.

Apple launched their new iphone 4 today … this version of the phone makes you better looking, surf better and cleans your house. Seeing 70% of you have iphones make sure you download the Aquabumps FREE app in your app store.

Over and out. :: uge

Zee Icebergs and a foggy morning

In between sets...

Optimistic barrel hunting

Good day for the long boarders

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