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What a freaky morning. It’s warm, like spring and heading towards 23 degrees. Also the swell has evaporated overnight. What a drop huh, from 3-4 foot to ankle biters in 24 hours. Winds are NW, typical of a summery day but it’s going to howl 30 knots later.

I’m a photographer not a criminal

Ken Duncan came and saw me the other day. He’s organising a rally in Sydney fighting for photographers rights to shoot freely without permits, fees and red tape in public spaces. Please join the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) with Arts Freedom Australia (AFA) in this public rally near Campbell Cove, Sydney Harbour on Sunday 29th August, 2010 from 10am to 12 noon. More information

Ok. Too nice a day to be sitting in here emailing youse guys, :: uge (Pronounced Yooj, short for Eugene – get asked all the time)

PS – interesting comments/posts on the long lost Mr Beautiful (Bondi icon). See

Famous aussie actor Joel Edgerton

Freak set of the day

Indie and Sophie Atkins hammin' it up for the camera

Icebergs, pool cleaning day

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  1. Get in touch with whoever owns the Atkins girls and sell them that shot! I’d buy an mega sized print of it if they were my kids, nice work, Uge.

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