Sam Macintosh showing us what to do on a straighthander


Couldn’t sleep so was wondering around Bondi really early this morning. Good thing there was a cracker of a sunrise with some interesting cloud formations – the type of clouds that warn rain later tonight.

Waves were up but suffering under the low tide. Paddle, take off, bottom turn, maybe 1 turn before the whole lot avalanches down on you. Low tide has now past (8:30am) and the incoming tide should put some more water on those banks, hopefully making it hold up a little more.

This south ground swell doesn’t hang around long, I suspect tomorrow will be 1-2 foot. Enough said, I am outa here.

Taste Orange

From 23-29th Aug 2010 there is a week of events at the Bondi Pavilion where the country folk from Orange put on a food, art, wine + music festival. Ava a look

Catchya, ::uge

Colourful sparks of a new day, clouds warning change

Shot with a old old lens, kinda like it.

Jimmy O'kell flying high


3 thoughts on “6-thirts

  1. Uge,

    What shutter speed and generally what settings are you using for the “Curvy” photo? Or the other photos for that matter.

    I am sure you get asked this annoying question ALL THE TIME but just wondering.

    Cheers mate.


  2. Hi Uge,

    Im sure you have a Canon 1d, was wondering what lens you use for the close stuff?

    I have a 70-200 USM IS ii but its not filling the frame, would you suggest a 1.4 Teleconvertor?

    Many thanks

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