R.I.P Andy Irons


Incredibly sad news this morning…3 time world surfing champion, Andy Irons has reportedly died travelling back from a tour event in Puerto Rico. It’s said he died in a hotel room in Dallas of Dengue fever (unconfirmed)… Condolences to the Irons Family…just devastating news of the Hawaiians sudden death. Live every moment to the full kids…I remember shooting this pic above from the channel in Teahupoo a few years back and he was a standout performer weaving magic through barrel after barrel. Fit as anything…charging…RIP Andy.

On a brighter note, it’s a magical day outside…clean 3 foot waves, sunshine…go, if you can before the SE onshore arrives.

Out:: uge


Mal rider going for it

Golden light of the morning sun

Bodysurfers in the middle were having a ball this a.m.

11 thoughts on “R.I.P ANDY

  1. Mirror your thoughts on Andy I.

    Nice shot of the bodysurfing, there’s more and more of them and they seem to be having alot of fun out there. Would love to see what the handboards look like.

  2. LOVE to Hawahii, Andy, his beautiful wife and the little one to be XXXXXXXX The world’s oceans will be surfed for you. You have certainly changed my life tonight and I haven’t even met you. Love

  3. Absolutely gutted – AI was a legend and way too young to die like that alone in his room. His poor pregnant wife too. I hope many waves are caught in his honour this week…..

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