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So different to yesterday. It’s howling. Was actually difficult to keep the lens steady as the gale pulls it to one side. Bondi was 3-4 foot and full of mush. The odd wave showed potential…well… no one around so it’s all yours. Enjoy.

The Aquabumps Book

Finally, after 11 years of shooting pics, followed by a few more years of procrastination, I’ve released my 1st coffee table book. It’s big (A3 closed) and beautiful crafted on a offset press (top quality, none of this digi press stuff). It’s a book on Bondi called “A Day At Bondi” (surprise surprise) which depicts a whole day down at our little beach. From the morning sunrise glows to the masses in baby oil…shot from helicopters, the water and every other possible angle on 1km of beach. I am proud of this puppy, came up trumps, and it costs $150AUD. You can only buy it from Aquabumps either from the gallery in Bondi or online at YEP, we are shipping globally using couriers like Fedex and they come in a neat little pizza box. 250 peeps rocked up to the launch party on wed, see shots.


The charter boats are wrapping up their season for 2010 now and it’s time to book your 2011 trip. Now I’ll tell ya a little secret, there been a lot of politics up there which I won’t go into, but next year is THE year to go. Trust me. Fewer boats, no hassles at Maccas in 2011. Our buddies on Tengirri (the boat I always go on) have a few spare trips left in 2011, but you need to get onto it. I’ve booked my slot. They’ll be gone by the time you get back from xmas hols. or email

:: yooj

PS – Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm and watch Channel 9’s TODAY show on Sunday morning around 8am…we’re on showing the new book

Caleb Reid, throwing out the heat

A grom and a dog

Caleb Reid jivin'

Fingers of God

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  1. and I thought that I was the only one who called this amazing vision Fingers of God!!!
    thank you for all your brilliant photography…….x

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