What a big weekend around the beaches of Sydney. Phew. Bondi was jammed packed. I’m talking Australia Day crowds – police on horseback, Oprah and Jack Johnson all visiting Bondi yesterday – no, Big O didn’t make it into the gallery (probably ‘cause of the traffic jams of spinning rims and hotted up Datsun 120ys). Sunday was a scorcher and everyone flocked to the beach too cool off in the arctic waters. (yes, I can spell it right sometimes).

Waves. What waves? There’s nothing to surf and nothing coming. Do something else.

Candy, who works in the bottom bar of the Beach Road and Leo’s new café won Miss Bondi 2010.

Bye for now. Same same tomorrow ::uge

Miss Bondi 2010 - Candy from the BRH

Police on horseback


Rock hoppers

The realities of today - boo.

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