Ben Lucas, taking a big set

The Early Bird

It’s not often you’ll get a daily email from me this early – nup. I guess it’s a combination of no decent waves to photograph today and an abundance of early light for the insomniacs (me), so I’m ahead of my usual schedule. Yesterday the wind finally swung south, this is good. A) it means that finally the water temperature will rapidly edge closer to 20 degrees b) a small wind swell will start to break at South facing magnet Bondi.

Whilst the morning’s waves weren’t smoking, at least it wasn’t dead flat like recent times. (1  foot). It’s going to be a warm 25 degrees today but possibly a shower.

I’d like to say something really positive about the surf forecast – but I can’t. Don’t expect much to break over your knee caps, we’re bang in the middle of a flat spell. Time to work up the brownie points with your partner, long walks on the beach, fix dings, cook dinner, xmas shopping…stuff like that.


PS – here are the photos from Miss Bondi 2010 finals shot by Steffen Burggraaf

Big Unit Moose struttin' his stuff

I see Kate every morning...wears nothing but a cossie

Bondi loves a whiff of south in the swell

Bikies, the heavy Cliffe Boys

Andrzej Kowalski

Sporto's - Paul Hardwick + Will Decker

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