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The plague of small swell continues. Bondi had 1-2 footers and is still very weak (windswell). Not much else to see down there – apart from a whole pile of people. Nice weather, max 27 degrees, maybe a thunderstorm later. Pretty flat until some good stuff arrives next Monday/Tuesday. Sit tight.

Most of you probably already know this – but last Friday, Tracks Mag editor and local Bondi surfer, Luke Kennedy, suffered a horrific injury to the throat whilst surfing Sunset on the North Shore – basically his board speared him in the throat. Luke (aka Bubba) only just got off the plane in Hawaii 10 hours before the accident…let’s hope for a speedy recovery fella…

We get a lot of questions at this time of year. Hope this clears up a few:

  • We still have our new Aquabumps Book for sale. Yes, we have stock. You can only buy it from us. Yep, us. Best way is to buy online and get it delivered. But if you’re getting it delivered, it’s by courier, so put your work address in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS and leave us a phone number. Someone has to sign for it.
  • Books purchased in Sydney CBD will be delivered tomorrow if ordered today. Yep, good ay?
  • Interstate books will be there on Friday if ordered today…Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide etc…easy.
  • Overseas books will be delivered 5 working days in MOST cases, yes before chrissy if ordered today! But hang on, if you’re in the back roads of Alaska, it may take a little long – but you’ll have a tracking no. to see it coming and can hassle Fedex (not us). We ship the day of ordering.
  • The Aquabumps Gallery in Bondi is open 10am to 6pm every day leading up to Christmas. That’s 10 – 6 buddies.
  • You’ll find us at 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi beach NSW 2026. Still lost? Our phone number is +612 9130 7788.
  • We have so much artwork in stock, I reckon you can do all your Christmas shopping in once place – here! Come in, relax.
  • Framed artwork orders taken now won’t be ready for xmas, but we can do a mini print or sumpin’ to give em on the big day. Unframed prints can be ready in 5 working days.
  • No I didn’t get a photo of you in a black wettie and white board 10 years ago. Sorry. (you’d be surprised how many times I get that one)
  • We use Canon cameras and lenses. They’re beaut. Have been using them for 12 years.

Have a good day, go outside in the sunshine.


Mick Malouf, on the tear

A day for the big equipment...take the mal


Kneelo's lefts

Morning cloud

Walking on water

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