Good morning

Good Morning

Nice’n’calm, still morning. Barely a ripple to surf and yep, there’s 10 human torpedo’s in the southern corner causing chaos. I reckon it’s more dangerous today than 6-8 foot days. Those china made mini mals can kill.

It’s hot’n’sticky 28 now, but a south storm is approaching. Can feel it getting darker as I write this. Amazing sunrise for the real early people. Amazing colours and I reckon I missed the peak of intensity.

Bondi cracks me up at this time of year. The place is dominated with tourists looking to party every night. This morning someone pitched a tent at south Bondi, like a 6 man palace, whilst others were face down in the sand littered along the beach…not moving an inch as the sun rose. They’re quite game, that sand rake guy is pretty loose on the steering of his machine.

Swell comes up a smidge today…be good to see some decent waves but the real deal isn’t until next Tuesday.

The Aquabumps Gallery is open 10am to 6pm everyday until xmas. We are closed 25th Dec to 3rd Jan – reopening 4th Jan. Come get em. 151 Curlewis St, Bondi.

Adios :: ugios

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