Tom Parsons hooking into the wave of the day


Nice’n’clean’n’neat this morning after yesterday’s blow. Shame there’s barely any swell. It’s still from the NE, but struggling 1-2 foot. Seems to be dropping fast as well. The water temp. was the topic of convo this morning – it’s plummeted to a ridiculous temperature and colder than that freaky cold Sunday 2 weeks ago…my guess 15-16 degrees. Now I know that all you hell men from Scotland, Ireland, Alaska and Chile are going to email in and call us big girls, but that’s cold for this part of the world. Especially when it was 20 degrees just the other day.

Clay’s Day

Local surfer, Clayton Walker is battling a fight with cancer. As with all his previous challenges he is hoping for a complete victory, however this treatment is not only a physical drain but a financial one too leaving it to the local community and friends to help a mate in need. Tomorrow, 11th December 2010 will hold a fundraising day for Clay…a day of epic proportions involving a tag team surf comp at South Bondi followed by a big night. At 6pm, upstairs at THE BEACH ROAD HOTEL some great items will be falling under the hammer to raise money for Clayton’s treatment. If you are a sports buff or just want to grab some amazing Christmas presents then this is not to be missed. Up for grabs will be Mike Tyson’s signed gloves from his last fight, Taj Burrow autographed firewire surfboard, a host of other boards such as fomies, some artwork from us, Lee Stacey custom, Mctavish mal, Mountain Bike, and some very special signed rugby league, a-league and cricket gear and much much more. So smash open your piggy bank and let’s help a mate smash cancer.

If you can’t make the day and night and you would like to help, please make a donation into the following account:

A/C Name: Clayton Walker Fundraiser
BSB: 802 184 (Encompass Credit Union)
A/C No: 97323

If you’re around Bondi this weekend, we’re open 10am to 6pm selling artwork and books. Otherwise just order online. Remember Sunday is deadline for custom orders. Gallery : 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach t: 02 9130 7788 or contact us

Cheers, uge

Happiest man on the planet - Tom Bird

Most waves looked like this today...dribble

Light beams - incredible light this morning

Glassy lip


3 thoughts on “Artic

  1. This website is awesome. Although I live on the other side of the planet, I feel as if Bondi Beach is right down the bloc from my place. Amazing how you can keep everything fresh using the same beach as the background of your photos, and posts. I am glad a French friend of mine sent me this link a few years ago. In the midst of all my morning work related e-mails, there is always something pleasant that makes my day hUGEly better!

    I have never been to Oz, but I sure hold something special for Bondi!


  2. Good luck to you Clayton. Hope the fundraiser is a big success. You have such a passion for surfing and you inspired me to learn when i moved to Bondi 12 years ago. Living in New York these days, but i will never forget hanging out with you at the old icebergs way back. Best of luck with everything mate, im sure you will pull through okay. Neil

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