Faza, I think, smashing one in the pocket


Yesterday’s howling northerly stirred up some wind swell that hasn’t hung around long. Last night we had 3-4 foot, this morning 2-3 footers, and now 1-2 foot. Quite surprised how fast it dissipated. Oh well, hope you got a few whilst it was here.

The outlook isn’t looking that great. A rapid decline in swell height from here on, possible wind swell spike on the weekend – but real small. Volatile weather ahead, thunderstorms today, scattered showers but humid like Singapore, howling northerlies…all bit grey until a perfectly sunny Sunday…plan to hit the beach.

The Christmas shopping panic has started…another reminder, if you want custom made artwork from us (we also have plenty of stock), you have until this Sunday to place your order if you want it prexmas (22-24 Dec pickups). I know 99% of you haven’t even thought about Chrissy, like me, but we’re here to help and make it as easy as possible. Aquabumps Gallery 10am to 6pm every day leading up to xmas, 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach (just up from Thai Terrific). Make a start, peruse our online catalogue, suss sizes and costs, order online or call us 9130 7788. Or just get a book.

Onya :: uge

P.S. Are you liking the 7 photos in the daily as opposed to 5? Please report any weirdness, slowness here.

The early summer sun

Bit chilly in the old boardies this morning

Cloud band

Crumblers in the north

White wash swimmer

Gezza Flake, whip

18 thoughts on “Slide

  1. I always scroll through the pics before reading the blurb and it keeps going. ha
    How can more beach and babes be a bad thing?

  2. Love getting 7 shots – the more the better… the only slowness was that it didn’t arrive until 2.13pm this arvo but maybe that’s got to do with when you sent it…?

  3. Not slow, not weird, just wonderful. On a minus 5c morning in England I need all the warm photos possible to thaw me out. Thanks!

  4. 7 Pics are steamming. On a separate note, Could you do a piece on the Bondi Lifeguards? I Watch it on TV back here in the UK with my kids and the job they do is just awesome. Harries Teath are whiter that the froth!

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