Caleb Reid, early morning punt.


I realise you’re probably gonna look at today’s shots and think I’ve gone a bit long on young Bronte surfer Caleb Reid, well, I have, but I also think it’s well deserved. Do you see many dudes tearing 2 footers?

The surf wasn’t spectacular earlier – but sufficient. Even less spectacular now that the northerly is up and roaring. But at sunrise there was the odd 2 footer with 3 foot set. I shot 21 year old Caleb on his home turf, where he seemed to know every bump in the bank, every pocket on the sets. Onya buddy. Ok, enough pumping his tyres up, there’s waves, bigger later but windier. Tonight it peaks and tomorrow it fades.

We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls about our Aquabumps book. Here’s some common questions:

  • Got any left? Yes. We do.
  • I’m in the city and want one, how long? Order before 1pm today and it will be on your desk before you go home tonight. For real. We use couriers, just get it delivered to your office and someone has to sign for it. Yes, someone has to sign for it so your home address ain’t gonna cut it (just put your office address in special instructions on check out if can’t change it, include business name)
  • I can’t enter my delivery address? I bet you’ve selected PICKUP FROM THE GALLERY (i.e. no freight). Click on your location on our map if you don’t want to come to downtown Bondi and pick it up.
  • Is it good? We think so. 208 big pages of Bondi. Otherwise use it to prop your monitor up, keep doors open with, make big paper aeroplanes – all good uses.
  • I’m overseas, can I get one before xmas? Yep. Order now to be safe though. Takes 5 days via Fedex to get to places like Europe, Uk, USA…if you’re in the back roads of Alaska I reckon Fedex may take a day or two longer.
  • Why so much mulla to freight it to Europe ($95)? The book is BIG and 3 kilos. Comes in its own box…c’mon, you’re worth it.

If you’ve got some coin left after buying a book, maybe pick up one of these for the summer break – ex-demo Scorpion rigid hull stink boat to access those breaks in Sydney no accessible by road. Insert drool.

Bye :: uge

Master Reid, section hunting


Caleb Reid, on fire

Louise and Kate Whitehair

Bronte Rock Pool Swimmers

The Facebook people. Chris and Paul Borrud

4 thoughts on “wizkid

  1. Just looking at the book description for “a day at Bondi”, potentially a silly question, but is this one day at Bondi, or is it photos taken over the years to make up a composite day? Can’t tell from the wording (sorry).

  2. Hey there Uge,
    I live in Southern California and this past June I was in Sydney staying with a friend in Bondi and he turned me on to your work. I became and instant fan and now read your updates everyday. Bravo! …and what a place to live!
    As an amateur photog, (My wife got me a MarkII as an engagement gift!!) I’m really inspired by your work. I was wondering if I could trouble you with some tech questions…If it’s bad form to ask you about this stuff,tricks of the trade and all, I totally get it and read no further.
    What cam do you shoot with? I REALLY like the look of your portraiture (no.21211 and 21209 above as a quick reference), do you get that tone and saturation by adjusting settings within the cam, tweaking the Kelvin white-balance, or is it post magic?
    Sometimes, some of your shots look like they have a vertical blur, like a vertical depth of field (like no. A91G1674 ritual morning dip) is that a function in post?
    In general, do you often do post on your pics, like color tweaking and such? Lastly, if you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one lens, which would it be?

    Thanks for you time and thanks for the inspiration,

    -fuck, Reid rips!

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