Big set of the morning. Bomb.


Not a lot going wrong today. Sun, big waves and warm water.

The most talked about, most anticipated cyclone swell has arrived from the north and is bringing the beef to your local break. Only trouble this morning is the hell fat, early morning high tide. Manly was 6-8 foot at 7am, but full as a boot. 3-4 guys out.

So today is your 1st day back at work and it may be a tough one to bail – bad luck eh? I have to say, close to the 1:45pm low tide will show some goodness…that’s if the cooling south change, which is due at midday holds off.

We have a job vacancy going in our Aquabumps Gallery working weekends (part time). This is a gallery job and not lazing around taking fruity pics down the beach whilst working on your tan – that job has gone. If you read this job description and feel that you’ve met the criteria, follow the instructions and submit your CV to – you must have experience and be a resident.


PS What does Aquabumps, Laura Enever, Camilla + Marc and Hoppo have in common – not much other than we’re on CNN’s GO program that visited Sydney before Xmas. It’s currently showing and can be seen here online

Manky Cave

A small inside wave

Is that Mark Eymes on his lid?

Rhino Chaser, bit of over kill today

Glorious weather, hit the beach

3some burnings

8 thoughts on “FULL

  1. Hello, what’s the technique used in the photo “Tama Yesterday : Glorious weather, hit the beach” Thanks, Mike

    San Clemente, CA

  2. Nice cameo on CNN dude, you scrub up well.
    Not bad “as a destination for British convicts in the late 1700s” eh?

  3. Think you owe “rhino overkill ” 17 Jan an apology
    He’s 60 hrs old and had been surfing the queensy bomby since dawn.
    With a 30 ft leash and a 20 kg board this was him on his way in.
    Quite a few spectators commented on his ” wave of the day” which was his last wave on the bomby before catching the little wave you posted in

    1. Hey Scott, Was watching him out the bombie (which wasn’t exactly cranking)…didn’t see much more than a fluffy 8 foot burger rolling through. But hey…each to their own…massive props for his effort….aged 60…that’s amazing. Hope I’m surfing in my sixties. thanks, uge

  4. To Scott and Uge, to put things straight
    1/ I’m older than 60years old
    2/ I was testing out my new 12ft solid balsa gun made by Mitchell Rae ( Outer Island ) my first test ride.
    3/ Uge you were right, the Bombie was small and mushy but Bombies always look smaller and fatter from the beach than they really are.
    4/ It was a perfect day for a test paddle and test ride the next time may be bigger and better ( hopefully ).
    5/ Thats not the only board i’ve got i still ride short boards as well.
    6/ Thanks to Scott and Uge for the concern.
    BOOMA (John)

  5. Hey Booma, Don’t mind us…as long as you’re having fun buddy, which looked like you were. Props for getting out there and making the effort. uge

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