Beau Walker, look mum, no hands!


Meet Beau Walker. This man is bustin’ at the seams with explosive energy – he’s on 12 when the dial only goes to 10. Picture a kid high as a kite on a double espresso followed by a litre of Red Bull and you’ll be on par with Beau’s hyperactiveness. He’s 25, grew up in Byron, rides a 5’2″ sweet potato, now livin’ in Manly but lurks around Bondi all the time. He rips, throwin’ heat out on every section. Did all the comp/pro junior stuff but is more interested in his TV presenting career where you may know him (or your kids will) as Nitro from “The Shack”. You’ll know when he paddles out… hat backwards, frothin’ over the 1 foot shorey. Mad.

Yeah, but any waves you say? Surprisingly yes – bigger than I thought. The forecasted ground swell has arrived from the south and pounding Bondi – but it’s dead straight, closing out 4-5 foot. Hit the reefs! And oh boy, what a nice day outside. Immaculate.

Dr. Rob Brander (aka Dr. Rip) is surveying people who’ve ever been caught in a rip (and made it out). He’s doing a study on who’s getting in rips, why, how they get out and what they’ve experienced. He wants your help, do survey here

I have nightmares about surfing 30-40ft…but surfing 30-40ft in the dark just ain’t on my radar. Well, world first, Mark Visser did it last night in Hawaii at Jaws (Maui). more

The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am-6pm. Come on in. We got artworks, ipads, books and cheap thrills. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach.

Out :: uge

Beau Walker AKA Nitro

Shark Attack victim, Glenn Orgias

Andy Findlay from Analog

Morning mist

Beau, getting warmed up

A good set

2 thoughts on “Nitro

  1. Why dont the government spend some time and money on creating adverts on TV that show people how to identify rips and what to do if you get caught in one? Its all very well telling people to avoid rips and stay between the flags but it would be a lot more useful and no doubt save lives if commercials during prime time tv shows demonstrated what to do if you are unlucky enough to get caught in a rip

  2. JD are you joiking? govement? money to advertise the tips on the rips? no way maan, fck the ppl of australia we should send moeny to africa and help third world and show up in front of the world with jackman and opras big asses.

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