Sun worshippers


Monday morning. A time to be serious after the weekend’s nonsense. Scanned all the swell charts and have come to the assumption that this week is going to be predominantly a surfless one. A little wind bump may pop up here and there, but there’s not much until a decent swell arrives on Sunday from the NE.

The good weather and warm water is the highlight of this morning. So damn nice in. Hit it.

Community announcements: (things to do when you’re not chasing swells)

  • Steve from Bondi Massive (the hole in the wall under Noah’s Backpackers) is NOW OPEN NIGHTS. He’s got no idea who to market the joint and is a great operator, so stop by for a wine and some food. 2 Campbell Parade
  • Brody (Mr Flying Squirrel) has opened his new Stuffed Beaver bar on Bondi Road. It’s good, local and stuffed full of ice cold beer and hot diggdy dogs. 271 Bondi Road, Bondi
  • The Beach Road Hotel are holding a QLD Flood Disaster Fundraiser tomorrow night, Tue 25th Jan (7pm) – remember it’s a public holiday the next day so you can have a few. Donate:
  • Bondi FM have expanded and now have street frontage (no more hiding in the bat cave out back). The new front bar looks hot and is just next to an amazing gallery. 143 Curlewis Street Bondi.
  • Castle’s in the Sky is on at the Bondi Open Air Cinema on Wed 26th Jan 5pm. (new surf flick from Taylor Steele)

Ok, if you made it to this point and didn’t switch off, pat yourself on the back. Very studious of you.

If ya wanna see more pics from this morning, check out our facebook page with our other 16,000 buddies.

Bye :: uge

Shame it's not a couple feet bigger!

The chain gang

A little bump

Soft Sand runners - Mrs Tan + Sammy

Rubbish from the a big weekend - BOO!

A bit of greenery

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