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It’s coming…

It’s not such a nice day outside. Rain, bit of wind, and sloppy 2 footers. The beach was relatively human free as a hint of winter is in the air.

You don’t have to be too bright to work out that this weekend is gonna have some great waves. A new south ground swell will hit tomorrow morning and hang around for a few days. The winds may be a little crook tomorrow, but Sunday has grooming Nor-easterlies.

My old mate Squidy has some ripper deals of board bags, deck grips and things…buy direct from the man and get some wholesale prices. Check it

The Aquabumps Gallery in Bondi is open this weekend from 10am to 6pm…yep, come in. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach T:02 9130 7788

Bye :: uge

Kane Skennar and his father's 40 year old board

Betya he rips

Even old men pop airs - Robin

Wave in the middle looks best

Happy Henry

Little Pete...making of a champ

18 thoughts on “It’s coming…

  1. Hi Uge,

    Are you able to post the story Sunrise pu tto air on thursday, missed it. Also the link to the story on the Sunday programme on your about us page dose not exist anymore….

    Pics are still looking fantastic…. Keep it up..

  2. There’s a tragedy taking place in Japan right now. Maybe you could stop showing pictures of happy people surfing and smiling for a few days? It’s called respect. Your title “it’s coming” is also very annoying.

  3. Vernoque, are you serious ????

    Do you think that because Japan has had a natural disaster that the rest of the world should down tools and stop what they would normally be doing???

    What about Haiti, Christchurch, New Orleans, Yasi, floods in Brazil or Qld or anywhere else that has had some unfortunate disaster in your lifetime, did you not smile once or have any affection towards someone you loved or something you loved doing during this period???


    Yes Japan’s current situation is very grim and sad with a terrible loss of life, but to say something like that is just plain stupid. I’m sure everyone is trying tho help their cause where posible.

    We are just all toys in the game that is Mother Earth.

    In the words of Journey – wheel in the sky keeps on turning…….

    Peace to all

    1. Love the feedback…but would like explanations as I am confused as hell.

      a) what is wrong with the title. “It’s coming…” I am referring to the swell that is coming tomorrow – a big one. How can that possibly offend anyone in any way? confused. shed some light there PLEASE.

      b) Bob – will work on getting better pics. sorry to dissappoint. I am doing my best, shooting 2-3 hrs a day…in the water, hiring helicopters, flying to queensland…all to keep you happy…but hey, I’ll work harder…much harder.


  4. Hey guys, if you don’t like what’s on the site, you can always just, um, not read the blog. Kinda simple.

    Bob, your comment is like someone sitting in a comedy club and saying “I normally like your jokes, but the last one wasn’t so funny. Can you try harder please?”

    Uge isn’t a trained monkey, he’s a guy who’s chosen to share his photos with us. Maybe you should start your own blog?

    And we don’t read the blog cos of the friggin titles. Who cares about the title? Man, now I’m getting all worked up…….. WTF is wrong with you people?

  5. Veronque – you need to fill your glass up! Please do us all a favor and unsubscribe as your comments are disturbing.

    Bob – have you met Eugene before? You couldn’t get anyone who is more enthusiastic, passionate and talented. Art – which is what these photo’s are is subjective, but you’re LAME comment is laughable. Uge’s shot’s get better by the day.

  6. watched an old, 80.y.o old japanese woman laughing about her riding bike away from the tsunami … saw a young japanese couple crying after giving birth … got no rite to cry or comment afer that, just be thankful

  7. your photos are sick. everyday the photos are different but are always amazing. i dont think you could put much more effort in as you already do the helicopter shots and you clearly put a lot of effort in showing by the early hour the shots are taken at. veronique and bob cheer up and keep the good work up uge


  8. Hey Uge, I’ve lived in Bondi for over 30 years and surf 2-3 times a week and am a long term AQ viewer and first-time corespondent. You website is a little bit of light on my day. It’s a way for me to keep in touch with two things I love in this world – Bondi Beach and it’s people. Your photos amaze me because you always seem to find a fresh angle on the same subject, no matter what the weather. Your love of surf and Bondi’s inhabitants is obviously genuine and infectious. Keep on doin’ mate – we love what you’re doing. Geoff D.

  9. awesome shots as always uge..

    makes my morning fun, sitting at my desk in london… soon il be over to see your gallery and buy your book.

    vernoque and bob -as steve said its quite simple, dont come on this site.. no place for negative comments.


  10. Guys, leave Vernoque alone please. She is most likely French and has been negative her whole life. To my knowledge she has been fasting for the past few days to raise money for Japan so is a little more cranky than normal. As for Bob, wel he’s a nob.

    Uge, thanks for the daily delights. Keep em coming


  11. Gosh! You cannot take a little bit of criticism, can you? Some people are shit scared about what’s going on in Japan and so should you… because the whole world is in deep shit. Anyway, thank you Bob. And sorry for bothering all of you. Have fun.

    1. Hi Vernoque, more than happy to take constructive criticism… I just don’t understand your position on all this…and was trying to get you to explain more. that’s all. I guess you can wake up every day, glass half empty, close the blinds and and lock yourself in thinking the world is in deep shit, so walk around head down…OR you can hold your head up, be positive, and trust that everything is going to be ok…no matter how bad the recent events are…

      I just choose the latter…each to their own.

      Have a nice day (or try to)

      :: uge

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