This mornings onshore mess


Well it’s been raining pretty full on in Sydney for the past 36 hours. Look at the bright side, the salt on the car has been blasted off, the garden is flourishing and you’ve been able to concentrate on some work for a change. Just go down the end of the street and pick up your Sulo when ready. So the big question is when is this storm going to stop and be surfable again? I’d say not until Friday.

In the meantime, here’s a mixed bag of captures that haven’t made it onto the Aquabumps before. Enjoy.

Bye:: uge

There's gotta be an easier way...

Old country Holden



Paddle back


5 thoughts on “hooooowwl

  1. So uge took a day off yesterday and was on the far north coast… Can’t blame him for that :-))) Sydney weather was crap.

    1. Clever Ant…I just flew up there for a meeting in the arvo, and flew back. Waves looked good – but didn’t have board.

  2. I was soft sanding at 6am when those three paddeled out, the surf was completely calm untill they started slappin’ the froth around like a glove.

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