Hollow glass

Road Trip

Good afternoon…sorry about the late transmission. Been roaming the south coast in search of a wave. The south swell is on the up and will keep pulsing into tonight where it will peak at 6-8 foot. (chunky)

Currently it’s a dead south swell…Saturday, Sunday and Monday all have waves within the 3-foot mark, just a few problems with the flanking winds. (Which will sometimes blow 20 knots)

If in Sydney this long weekend, the Aquabumps Gallery is open 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach – right behind the Bondi Hotel Telephone 9130 7788 open Saturday/Sunday 10am to 6pm (Closed on public holiday Monday)

Have a good long weekend, got one to hit the road and get out of town…

Later :: Uge

Beach Break

Sammy Cockle, checking the incoming swell

Sammy C, green wall take off

Offshore howling (earlier)

Christian Tan (MD)

Mrs Tan

8 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Love South Coast, NSW | Beach Break

    Have been wanting to get a shot like this with my surf boat crew in the break for years. Don’t suppose you’d be keen to do a few shots of us later in the year?

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