Storm rider


Cheer up, this stormy weather is not so bad. The garden never looked so green…the car is sparkling and your sulo bin is running amuck in your neighbour’s yard.

The 30 knot southerly is ruining your surf opportunities though. A ‘wave’ was breaking at North Bondi – but, wow, you’d wanna be keen.

Friday things should come good….sit tight.

:: uge

Best option for today - a wind surf

You'll find your bin here. (on it's side of course)

Polar Bear

Will this man surf anything?

Bunny hop man

8 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Hi Uge, the windsurfer is Stefan Heim. It would be great to update his name 🙂
    He tried to get me out of bed to join him before goingnto worknand I did not go for it, I regret now!
    Good on him and you for capturing this moment.

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