Crumbly left in the south


The swell arrived but so did the wind (and a bit of rain). Slim pickings out there morning. A choppy 3 foot bump poked up every now and then at South Bondi. Barely anyone out – or even on the beach for that matter. The winds should back off from 20 knots back to 10 knots. Maybe there will be something to ride when it all calms down. Photo opportunities were scarce this morning…luckily there’s been some great light and waves lately to pull a few from last week’s catch.

Smaller and still onshore tomorrow – hooray!


Sarah Wilson


Lone bump


Bay glow

20 thoughts on “Scarce

  1. I’ve been a follower of your website for years because of your unique angles on surfing…. The picture today Glide is one of the best…. It must be hard to keep producing fresh stuff without being repetitive but you keep producing the goods…. Awesome work…..

    1. Thanks Jason. I really love what I do…and love finding new angles…as that’s the challenge of shooting the same beach every day. Thanks for tuning in :: onya :: uge

  2. Love your pics. They provide a lift on a daily basis. You are an inspiration to my daughter who now has a love of photography and is producing some great shots that really surprise me. Keep up the good work.

  3. no Gaz you have it backwards. Uge gets the yoga guys money and all ‘Power’ to him 🙂 . It’s a win win situation and if you go do some yoga it’s win win win

  4. Lone Bump is absolute class. Perfect.
    Must’ve been early cos there are only a few lights on in the windows at Ben Buckler.

  5. Just a little thank you Uge, your photography gives my day a boost whenever I see it, and I find you quite inspiring, not to sound too much of a tree hugging hippy, but I also love that your work puts such a good vibe out into the universe. Sharing beauty and nature is pretty bloody fantastic!

  6. Thanks everyone for their comments and tuning into my corner of the interenet. Cheers.

    Gaz – mate if you think yoga has nothing to do with surfing you’re on acid! Don’t take my word for it…ask Gerry Lopez – pipe master.

    “How do you stay in shape?
    At my age, in order to stay active, I would gen­er­al­ize it this way: a yoga/surfing lifestyle. Yoga has been around for a very long time and is a totally bal­anced and well-developed sys­tem that is ben­e­fi­cial to all. Surf­ing? Well, that speaks for itself.”

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