Rough water


A dark old morning down there…couldn’t shoot until at least 7:15am – even then was shooting in the 1200ISO plus range. Little bump at Bondi, 2-3 footers but really junkie. Small wolf pack trying to pick off the lefts but didn’t really see anyone get a decent ride that wasn’t wonky and fat. The early morning high tide ain’t great for it – perhaps towards the low.

Lots of whales cruising past Bondi around 7:30am…yes, it’s whale season.

Thanks for all the messages about our recent APPA award. The Aquabumps gallery has sold out of books, but our buddies at the Speedo store in Bondi Junction have some copies for sale. (Speedo is the ONLY other place that sells our Aquabumps book).

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Whales in the bay of Bondi

Remola Mansions

Andrew Jones

Brad Malyon


Mini Chopes

5 thoughts on “Moby

  1. Uge so pleased you’re taking photos of the colourful buildings on Campbell Pde – seems like every new paintjob is erasing the ‘gelato’ colours and turning the beachfront into corporate beige………

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