Night surfing lights? Surfer: Caleb Reid

Ice Ice Bondi

Yep, you can now ice skate right on the sand of Bondi beach. The rink is up and running for the next 2 weeks as a part of the Bondi Winter Festival.

A nice little morning with fun 2-3 footers in the corner. The wind has gone offshore and a corner rip was puttin’ some chop on the faces. It’s not amazing, but fun if you haven’t surfed much this week. The weekend doesn’t look to flash with smaller 1-2 foot weak waves. Best wait until the end of next week where something is cooking.

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Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm…151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach. We have snuck in 23 copies of our award winning book, otherwise you have to wait until Sept 2011 for the second batch. Available in the gallery only.

Bye :: uge

The Bondi Ice Skating Rink is now open

The K-Leb, gettin' all rad this morning

One way to get around

The goofy footers heaven

The ice is now ready

Shaper Andrew Harris out testing boards

4 thoughts on “Ice Ice Bondi

  1. uge
    whats up man. i really didn’t get a chance to write earlier.
    um. are ya’ll gonna go to the motley crue show when it hits your side later in the summer?
    the internet says theyr gonna tour in Aussie but i don’t know. i know it’s happening now in the states
    and am trying to go after looklng on youtube. anyway i would.

  2. hey uge!

    it’s a pleasuere to look at all these pics day by day cos it keeps up all the good memories i gained while staying in sydney. it also connects me to my mate who lives down there.(hey will)
    keep going!!!

    greetings (from berlin)


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