Stand tall brother.


It’s been pouring for hours now. Your shoes are probably still soggy. I went down the beach this morning – no one. Not 1 surfer, not one decent wave, not even the hard core bodysurfers. It’s like a wet ghost town. Large 7 foot sets are breaking but the 30 knot onshore is tearing it to pieces. I watched the storm water drains spew out plenty of filth so I’d say it’s a good time to trawl the net indoors for photos from the recent big swells. These 7 photos are from last week at Bronte when it was big and clean.

Web trawling’s to distract you on a very rainy day:

– The honks at Stab Mag are famous for their innovative ideas. This time they’ve stuck red flares on the tail of Bruce Iron’s board in the Mentawais, lit them up as he coasts through Indo tubes. Kinda like an afterburner. Check out the video that has just released. It’s good.

– Local artist and surfer Johannes Leak is having a surfboard art exhibition called  “SURFACE” at the Beach Road Hotel on 29th July at 7pm. That man has talent.

– As part of the Bondi Winter Magic festival the July Ice Ball is this Saturday night, 23rd at 6:30pm. It’s black tie and held at the salubrious Swiss Grand Ballroom.

– Did you know professional surfer Danny Fuller is handy with a camera?

– Or one of my favourites – Camerabag

– Laura Richardson has lost her kitty cat. If you’ve found a 4 month old kitty near Crystal Car Wash on Curlewis Street Bondi call Laura 0420 940 448

Tomorrow is going to be real big but REAL messy and unrideable I think. But if you drive I reckon you will find.

Over and out :: uge

Some fun to be had

Tamarama monsters

Peter Cerneaz

The spectator

Big fat open face

Pete tapping into some early morning sets

8 thoughts on “Damp

  1. Johannes Leak is an exceptonal talent, humble and self critical. Many surfers have been known to scribble on their boards, none can come close to what this guy can do. IF you get the chance, go to his exhibition at the beach rd hotel Bondi, make sure you do. His drawings are captivating and hold amazing energy.

  2. how do u southern hemisphere brahs celebrate christmas?? isnt it weird to have all the christmasy stuff during your summer? like why the hell would Santa Claus wear his Santa outfit in the heat? how do you explain this to your children? does santa wear board shorts when he gets down under?

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